Logic Mafia

This is an advanced setup for high skilled coordinated town.

Every townie has a collection of 1-shot gates that they can use at night - these Gates target can target Players and the Results of other players (Take the result of the chosen player’s gate on the same night), cannot target self.
Available Gates: XOR, OR, AND, XNOR, NOR, NAND.

1x 1-shot Inverter (Inverts all town results for the night)
1x 1-shot Multiplexer (Chooses result for a chosen town member)
1x 1-shot Flip-Flop (Curse one town player to get inverted results for 2 nights (not including this one))

The gates treat mafia as a high and town as a low.

Unlimited signup slots.

Yes, this game will have good depth.

can you make these gates in minecraft to show how they work ?




Dude what. Sign I guess

i need more proof. more minecraft screenshots please


@ian @flopagis @gwez

alright /sign

I will sign this but I won’t be reading the setup

I also would like to make the suggestion that bazinga discusses whether he intends to play the game seriously before he is allowed to sign

You don’t need to read the setup I posted screenshots explaining the game.

The setup looks interesting. I hope just you host properly


So I am guessing that there will be investigative roles, and some people can affect the results?

I’ve hosted 5+ games on old nadota and they all went really well.