LOTR The Rings of Power

First episode is up.
High hopes.
Low expectations.

Looks good so far.

Fun fact. Galadriel is the oldest living elf in the books. Nice to see her here.


Think they fucked it up because she called the other guy "Elrond"

Something fun I noticed. Elf diction is very flowery and I was starting to wonder if they wrote this to be super nerdy. But thinking about it, I think they are actually giving different races different diction. This is very cool and also accurate to real life

LOL there are black hobbits with Irish accents.
I love it.

Please use the official thread.

My favorite character is the dwarf king

my favorite character is the tunneller guy he had a nice hat/mask

What thread is that?

The one i made an hour before you posted yours

No one is posting in either one. Who cares?

Strange comet guy is gandalf (mithrandir) sent to vanquish Sauron right?

But I thought the actual lore was he was sent originally to fight morgoth.

I just got to comet guy. I assumed it was a young Gandalf, but who knows.

I think in the lore gandalf loves hobbits because he was helped by them in the past too (it tracks)

But thought they had no rights to Simarillion and couldn't use the actual backstory of LOTR

i like how that alchemist medicine lady had multiple deadly weapons laying around her home

like the kid stabs him with shears, then she gets a letter opener, then picks up some kind of curved sawtooth blade, then i think a woodsman's axe or something at the end (idk it's hard to see as the bad guy just sits there and waits for his head to get chopped off)

I had to kind of think for a minute to figure out what you are talking about and I think it highlights how shit modern action shooting/framing is in these shows, they are just not coherent. Major constructive criticism here. ADHD action scenes used as a cover for incompetence

yea fast cuts are very overused for action sequences often to keep things safe without having to hire professional martial artists and stuntmen. it lets the director hide how much of the action the way they fight would just be sword waiving and pirouetting without actually doing something

Episode 3 is getting spicy.

It's a grey area.
They can use the lore, but they can't reenact scenes that were written out in The Silmarillion.

The only problem I have with the hobbits accent is that I can't understand it half the time and I have to turn on subtitles just to understand what they are saying.

Subtitles always on gang