Low Priority Day 3

false it almost worked this game

Stop picking on nyte and patronizing her just because shes a girl

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You’re doing that right now, not us

No you are

Thank you for clarifying. It sounded like you meant someone specific that I was harassing for reads. (Not really, I just felt that iaafr for one could do something with my input if he wanted) not sure who else you were referring to that I was being judge mental of in that way

Short list of LBJ the joke mafia moderator’s sins in the latest game:

(locks thread)

I don’t know the extent to which Ragnarok was communicating with LuckyBlackJesus when he locked the thread but my guess is not at all - he was completely afk

It’s frankly baffling that you can exercise such bad judgment just 1 game after this topic came up and the rule was clarified

I want people modded in mafia who have good judgment (or at least decent) and LBJ isn’t a qualifying contender

Additionally LBJ’s bad decision as a host led Brendan (potential best mafia player on the site) to stop playing permanently and I think we should talk about that

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Guess I’m banned from the next 3 mafia games

If this kind of posting (about other active games) isn’t a against the rules I’m instantly lynching whoever does it. Not that it would crop up that often, though.

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Player Lynches
yns Nyte
Klaze Nyte
LuckyArtist Nyte
Nyte yns
Matticus Nyte
bazingaboy Matticus

Not Voting


I see a valid point here, atleast when you consider that rora called for my Zeus when I thread locked.

Out of curiosity who else has found LBJs moderation to be problematic?

  • Me
  • Not me

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Roragok specifically asked for it this game though

i dont think lbj has made any mistakes in the capacity of a mafia mod yet

but i rly hate when ppl talk about other ongoings

i mean klaze did it too this game (used it to sus nyte d1)

and some others but i just dont remember

Did he?

I mean if you have no problems with LBJ select not me im fine with things personally :)

My modding is bad but all bad actions I’ve done have been as a player and not necessarily as a mod (though in op of d2 rora asked us not to talk after hammer)

I assess myself a 3 game ban

I didn’t