Mafia Aliases.

For those trying to figure out who is who because people keep changing their user names:

Dondi_Fontaine_Houwk = You_lose_i_win, Toprak, the Turk.
big_ass = theGreatWingdingi, alightsoul, asoul, Wintermute, JendanaBollywood
theodore = Theodore, Kyle, Troya (not to be confused with Troia)
Jdance = Logarithmic, Jdance_imNotNmaganeStopBanningMe
Sophie = epok, ■■■
WTNSSCMPLX = CulturedUrbanite, Jones, many others.
Vanilla_Town = Nmagane, the egyptian, brendan, many others.
fireworks_over_maynooth = PassionForTrains, Benny, breaking bad, and others.
LuckyArtist = LilBlackJesus, LBJ
iaafr = Iamafuckingretard
Matticus = matty
SuPA = returning vet
Friend = returning vet
electrowizard = fuck_asoul, DEEPTHROAT, ewiz
hbotz = newer player
gwez = newer guy, not ewiz
Kieran = kksweet, kks
sdadasds = Klaze

For some stats on the old server, here is a link: Mafia | Roragok
Sorry, all game links are now dead.

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Big Benny also went by the name “Lyndon B. Johnson” which was often abbreviated to “LBJ” on the old forum.

Yeah there are many other names but I didn’t want to include every single one. Just the ones that might get used in chat and confuse people who don’t know the other names.

You shouldn’t assume anybody is the person they’re claiming to be without verifying

I’ve made no claim to be alightsoul, it’s just ewiz and brendan spamming that shit everywhere and me making fun of them

Same goes for half these other people, the entire authority on “big benny” being benny is just ewiz spamming it everywhere

As far as we know, that might be Spitwad.

It is not spit

I never claimed big-benny or the spit-wad account he made was Benny.

Even if you're not, you remind me of him and are starting to piss me off.

■■■ already confirmed his ip is not in the US. Stop trying to start arguments.

Edit: I just wanted to help out people who are confused in the game when someone says "Lynch kksweet." or something like that. Please don't turn this thread into something else.

alightsoul ass post

I know, don't get the impression I'm attacking you

People should just refer to each other by their display names, there's such a long history of people and names on this site that its not worth it

Well I agree with you on that. Stove's bot helped with that problem a lot. Maybe we should just make it a Mafia policy in the future.

Shut up, retard

Im going to make it so lynching is automated so a lot of the naming stuff becomes irrelevant

stop posting at me you’re not funny at all

wish i had aliases

@KrazyKat sorry about that.

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Id add Jones, Nyte to start

The account changed hands after last game

Bumping and updating for any new or returning players.
I don't have time to play right now but at least I can do this.