Mafia Aliases.

@Roragok is there ANY way at all to make it so the "name" section on the profile settings will show beneath the name? or somewhere around there.

for example i changed @_jdance to Jdance bc thats who he was before and what ppl know him as.

however upon KKat giving him the "good host" badge it changed his title.

but if we could utilize the "names" setting which no one ive seen has used anyways for ppls aliases then it would solve issues of "whos this"

seems possible but likely something you have to enable, not me or kkat.

i'd be willing to go alone and change everyones aliases to their names to make sure we all know who everyone is if we can get that enabled

i need more power

Kyle reading discourse meta

People don't want moderators naming them dude.


it's not mods naming them, you can have a username, name, and title. username would be the big name everyone sees. name would be the alias, title would be whatever.

or people could just name thier accounts their name

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I can't

That is a good point.
I hate when people use meta reads.
But at the same, it gives an advantage to players who change their user name a lot.

if anyone wants their original name feel free to tell me and ill change it....

@Roragok i cant change @_jdance to Jdance tho bc Jdance is being used already

Change jdance to something else then log to jdance

Change jdance's name to some random garbage

This is now a jdance name suggestion brainstorming thread

Logarithmic is already random garbage

It was a ban evasion name

you could just rename the titles to be alias instead of dumb shit like Site Journalist/Lead Sheriff/Master of Goys/Official Judge Kyle/Savior of EVERYTHING

or create a wiki page with a table of alias'

thats what i was doing but then the titles change when they get a badge

'good host' changed @_jdance titile to 'good host' when it was JDance before

its because players can change their own title i believe if they have options in the dropdown.