Mafia Aliases.

ahh i see. well iunno then. using the names thing ghow they use it there would be best bet id say

Log log he’s better than bad he’s good!

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gas the weebs

Def not anime

Fuck having to ask about ren and stimpy is tragic

(Deadwood HoN)

Yeah only disgusting people watch anime

didn't read the thread but I wanna be Steve if that's what this is about

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idk why i hate weebs so much

in my old wow guild i had discord rank to point out all the weebs so everyone knew to shame them.

Honestly they are just disgusting people, I completely agree


thank you.

I’m calling for the powers that be to pull down the racist and tyrant kyle.

I will gladly step up in his place if that is necessary but I would rather someone else such as iaafr or friend or grimelines be nominated.

Let’s return kyle to his journalism, not this hate brandishing authoritarian.

i am all the power here

holy shit deadwood HoN


friend for mod

Bumping with updated info.