Mafia Championship 2023 Discussion Thread

Remember, to always vote the mafiascum candidate

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Sending Osiris isn't funny enough.

Look at what he's posting in the thread

Send NmaGane. The true representative of the NAMafia community

I nominate @Chloe

let me play @SOPHIE


i've changed my mind

Can we send in @Matticus ?

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matticus is the best player here if he wants to go he,'s my vote

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Invent a fake poster ("Chloe") to send, have all the goys go and post from a shared account pretending to be that person

If everybody on this forum posts from 1 account we might come close to the activity baseline for players on that site

I vote no for osiris and a fuck no for insom

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You have to nominate someone or advance the conversation you can’t just veto

I vote luckyartist

most disgusting thread on the website

I can tell you matticus does not want to go but appreciates the nomination

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Or he could go. They seem like they might be forgiving about the ban stuff

ok β– β– β– 's going

I vote nmagaen

I would nominate faz but he is still banned there.