Mafia Championship 2023 Discussion Thread

Got a generic invite this year in an email from Lissa and Arapocalypse

Link to info:

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The setup looks fun.

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i volunteer


claimed in case benny wants to drop 50 euro on the spot again

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Trying to remember our past players.
Iaafr / Pepper

I think that's it.

I could do it.

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Any other volunteers?
We could set up a poll a few days from now.

Can you meet the requirements?

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alright, alright.

put me in

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youre banned

Benny set the bar pretty high for our entrants. I would say if anyone wants to take his place this year, they need to write a bit about how they plan to live up to the standard he set.

i would say if anyone posts in the thread they should be either volunteering, nominating, or supporting candidates

I support osiris

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I support sudo

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sending goy members back to back sounds like a good way to stop getting invited. Despite this, I still support sending Osiris

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we can make a poll after a day or 2

Shots fired

Also I’d say osiris is more of a goy associate

He still hasn’t become a made goy

Wish I had time to do this. Maybe if I win the lottery someday.