Mafia Rules Draft

I’m creating a draft of the rules, that I would like to work on with everyone together.

Here is the current version of what I put together. Leave any feedback/changes/suggestions/callmearetard here. I want this to be collaborative.

Mafia Rules Draft

You definitely need to add something about referencing pm text

Also, 36/12 seems like a better standard than 48/24


PM’s should be given out in the opening post. We have had issues in the past and I think it should be displayed in the opening post for everyone.

The problem is closed or semi-closed setups

My specific example was the Anime girl game I hosted. where I used flavor text cause I was having fun, but players used it to identify themselves as I did not give the PM to everyone.

No screenshots of NAMafiA will be allowed. You will be warned first, then mod killed.

I don’t understand this rule very well. Why are people not allowed to take screenshots of posts in the thread?

I’m personally against it but open to discussion.

I feel like arguments should be made with words not images. Its easier to ban images as a whole but people were mad about that.

I’m talking about Images of Words

One thing I noticed about the last forum is we had all these rules but they were not really enforced in the end and it seemed like a lot of people preferred it that way

I think it’s worth considering, with an opportunity to make a new ruleset, the opinions of people who are just casually playing and want to screw around and have fun

In that vein, images, videos, etc produced some of the most memorable moments from the old forum. If you really believe in that rule I’d be interested to hear you make a case for its merit.

That said, I think more should be done to emphasize the extent to which interaction outside of the thread (even in other threads on the site) can be game-ruining, even if not intended that way or not being read that way by the poster.

So basically a loosening of the rules could allow us to narrow our focus on 2 or 3 that are really important

In terms of timeframes, ewiz is right that 36/12 is better and I’d like to see it posted somewhere that hosts should shorten days as the game goes on and the living player pool gets smaller

We don’t need to wait 3 days while people post 2 times each in a dead thread at the end of every game

Of course, all of this should just be guidelines and timing should be left to host discretion

But probably some suggestive host guidelines and “First Time Hosting: Read This” type of stuff would go a long way here

Well thats the whole point of this thread to discuss it.

I personally dislike people posting images of the thread or pm’s. take jdance last game posting his pm in an image. I think that is zeus worthy.

Can you link to jdance posting his pm in an image

That’s current game

Please delete all posts on this topic until the game is over

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Yeah that’s cheating he should be zeused

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This is exactly what I’m describing when I say people need to be careful about out-of-thread interactions during an ongoing game

I believe this is extremely dangerous due to the fact that good mafia players can get reads off of this

Let’s talk about that after this game is over

Yea? This is the place to talk about it.