mafia signup because it's too hard for kyle to host

@mafiabot host

@mafiabot slist


@mafiabot slist


@mafiabot sign


mafia hiatus time

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people waitin for the valentines event pass drop


Everyone is waiting for the next Texas Justice game.

Well hell that game was a long time ago.
I don't even know how to host a game these days.
But it is a fun game if at least 10-11 players sign up.

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didn't we try running it and it was a mess

kkat always wants this setup and we've ran it multiple times and no one ever enjoys it

considering we can't even get more than 4 people to sign it would be a fucking disaster to wait 2 weeks to get a game only for the game to last 1 night

luv u kkat but that setup is shit

i like Original Content but texas justice definitely needs a patch

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some ideas:
texas outlaws get 1 blocker 1 shot reflect and can do 1 nk a night
1 town is a watcher
1 neerdoer (3p that hands out guns)

would be cool to make a setup where everyone has a gun work but turf war feels like a more balanced version of this