Texas Justice Mafia Signup

“I Will Kill You Tonight…”

Tired of other players making bad decisions? Take the law into your own hands!

Players: 8-17
I can adapt the setup for any amount of players.

Texas Outlaws - 2-X: You are a member of the Texas Outlaws, with your partners XX and XX. You have day and night private chat with your partners. Each night the Outlaws have 2 night actions. You win when your faction controls a majority of the town or nothing can be done to prevent this.

Town Rednecks - 6-X: You are a One-shot Vigilante. Use your shot wisely. You win when you kill all the Outlaws.

Vanilla Town - 0: Nope. Everyone gets a gun : - )

I would like to play 36 hour days and 12 hour nights. 10:00am EST day starts and 10:00pm EST day ends to allow as many people as possible to be around at end of day. This can be adjusted as the game progresses.

i knew youd host this anyways


disallow jacob and/or benny thanks.


I will allow them for now, but this might change if players refuse to play with them in the game.

If I do allow them to play, I would suggest that town players call their shots on them to avoid multiple people wasting their shots for a policy lynch.

i am policy lynching at least 1 of them

I’m concerned about precedent here.


If multiple people shoot the same target do they all count or just the first shot?

Is it one shot during the day? Please make it during the day

They probably all go through – if it’s anything like previous games I’ve played.

Actually, wait… Same target? Why would that matter?

I assume it’s just a normal vigilante with a one-shot night action. And also I’m assuming the baddies get two night shots - or is “night action” purposely left ambiguous?

it is texas justice…okay.


Sign if no Jacob or Benny

Last time mafia could protect and shoot

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!request Ocean man