Mafia Signup MVP Mafia

Taking a break from gameplay for a while. There were numerous mistakes made when hosting the last game but I have an automated system in place for vote counts and threads for the next game. I am currently deciding on a suitable game-type for our personalities to work best. I shall not be playing as I will be too busy with hosting. Please sign below

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Ok I have gotten the hang of mafia a bit more I learned quite a bit from the last setup


You’re learning exponentially which is the greatest trait. Pregiven intelligence; not a must - more so how fast you can learn a new skill. You show skill I recommend paying attention to the MVP’s and I will be posting an analysis of the last game if you are interested.

i’m still shit but sign

I’m currently rereading day one cuz that’s where you posted the most (I think)

I’ll def make more mistakes this game but at least I won’t repeat my previous ones for sure. I’m just trying to have fun:05_18_flustered:

Nice that emoji didn’t work. :smile:


I need some insurance against you turning the game into your personal trolling grounds though

MVP last two games in a row should be enough. If my personality is a factor against thee then playing a game of my own design is probably the best way around that as I won’t be playing / posting.

I wouldn’t put you as MVP of the last game. You played extremely well both days, but the suicide bomb on huber, effectively losing the game for town in a joint effort with another town+town suicide squad, should rule you out for MVP

We had already lost I calculated all the odds unfortunately but it was a good attempt by the other town players


Hmm, shouldn’t people who are still active in the other game wait to sign this one?

I don’t mind the signs, just wondering. It’s be cool if we had enough mafia players to have two concurrent games going with different players on them.

Your right.

The game ended, the last night was a real shitfest

Oh lmao

u won LMAO

we all kille each other

Thank God for the suicide bomber role


best ability for new players Imo