Mafia Universe: How My Mental Health Disintegrated to the point of Mental Breakdown

Hey. Who's this first time poster? No posts, no avatar? It's me, Benny. You have probably heard and followed in some secret thread that I have been playing and representing our forum in the mafia universe championships. For those that don't know, this tournament is the most prestigious and acclaimed tournament in the entire mafia sphere. Entering, I was genuinely enchanted by the rigidty and rules that they employed. I quit playing mafia on this forum as it had sort of died out, not to mention general poor gameplay strategies (admittedly sometimes coming from my own friends), sort of killed my motivation for the game.

So when I was put through to represent our forum this year, I was all smiles. Honestly, shoutout to Epok and of course nmagane, for giving me the opportunity. Super cool move from Epok given that we haven’t always gotten on.

So, how did my game go? Honestly? Terrible. Like terrible. Like I genuinely got depressed afterward and near suicidal. You’re probably reading this and thinnkign I’m taking the piss or making a joke because, after all, how could a mafia game have such a strong impact on a player? Well that’s the point of the thread if you’re just gathering now, let me elaborate on why

  1. The Impossibilites between rule and reason // order enforced on player not matching order enforced on spectator.

Spectator chat. Ever heard of it? Honestly, I hadn’t. Not to the extent that this game had it. I know that people enjoy privately discussing some games, but this chat….. Wow. So many players talking. When I was killed off in the game and found out about it I was kind of strangely intrigued to see what they were saying about me. So low and behold, and perhaps out of some latent narcissism, I joined the discord and searched my username to see what it’s about…

Want me to sum it up for you? Bullying. Literally hundreds and hundreds of posts about my personality, my image, speculation on my personal life. See below for some examples (I found it hard to search for this thread as Discord’s search feature is quite broken especially in large chatrooms).

Comedian Currywurst posts a blurry photo of me in what seems to be a jab at my weight.

Radishes on Drums copy and pastes ap ost I have made for some easy laugh emoji reacts.

Yes, it is quite unorthodox that I have publicly said to the game multiple times that I have just started taken anti depressants and my mental health is shit.

Always glad to crack people up.

The reason this is so bad is because of the contrast between the rule enforced to me and the players versus the rules enforced to the spectators. I was warned privately five times in game, for various rulebreaks. These “Rule Breaks” involved supposed abuse toward other players, when it wasn’t much more than simple prodding to gauge reactions (and gauge I did, I figured out mafia from the first day but couldn’t announce the reason to my reads due to moderators warning that I coils no longer mention it). The players had to perform to very strict personal expectations while the audience got front-row seats to laugh, yell names and bully us for their amusement.

The worst part is that the moderators that warned me and scolded me were themselves chatting amongst all of this and allowing it to happen. I knew then what I had gotten myself into. It wasn’t a mafia universe

  1. Denial of prizepool, backing up earlier point.

I personally offered one of the administrators overseeing the project a sum of money to teh winning players in an effort to boost competitive mafia. Despite this requiring nothing from the administrator, he declined. I was extremely confused and disappointed in this decision, but now I see why. It wouldn’t make sense to reward any of the players for their effort, in nfact it would go against hte reason for the tournament in the first place. The reason so that Mafia universe insiders can laugh and howl in private discord chats as the mental health of their players is thrown to the side.

  1. Ridiculous rulage, inside look into moderator warnings.

Warning number one.

This is terrible. I am quite blatantly probing at what I believe mafia was (and I was write, the user in question was mafia and I derived this from my posts but I digress), anyone from this forum would easily see my posts as that, I do’t see how accusing someone of sociopathy is a rulebreak. This breaks the social engineering required that makes mafia universe so so good.

Warning 2:

Reverse warning: I reported someone for calling me a VI and they were warned. Vi means village idiot. Really? That’s a warning for them? Ridiculous, this player had to then stop their tunnel on me disrupting the tempo of the game.

Warning 3:

Moderator says I can’t use game sense for reads, and also warns me against revealing this message adn threatens me to sub me out. What? How is accusing another player of cheating a warning.

Game talk only strictly definend to the game itself. I was trying to explain why I was afk (they organized the game durign the period I said I was on holiday) and I was just giving more context. I can see how this may not be appropriate, but come on. Ridiculous, ruined my tempo and I was gauging reactionns from mafia (all of my reads were correct).

  1. The doxx.

Three days into the game, I received a phone call from someone who told me to get Lady lynched. I don’t see who else this would have been except for the mods or the number was given through the mods somehow as I believe that was one of the questions i the questionnaire they asked. Legitimately triggered a minor psychotic episode for me from paranoia alone.

  1. Moving forward.

What’s the point of this? Well, that’s the one saving grace of the thread. I honestly see a lot more in namafia than the shit that gets taken for professional goes on Mafia Universe. And I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I am looking to contact Epok and Roragok and personally cough up a thousand euro to host our own tournament. This will work the same, I will scout upcoming players from other mafia forum sites or subsections and invite them to a round robin qualifier event, where we will then move into a semi-final then final elimination game, roles to be revealed.

Not only that, but our spectator chat will actually be regulated and streamed to prevent any player abuse like that which came on during mafia universe.

So yes, one thousand euro is being committed forward to the first namafia universal tournament. Epok or Roragok, reply to this when you see it. This isn’t some shallow veiled joke. We can easily replace mafia universe for the renowned mafia tournament and I am very up for the challenge of both organizingn and marketing such an event, I implore everyone else on this forum to help me, I will be setting up a discord in the coming days.

On my mental health:

Yep. This fucked with it. I’m over it. I know I was acting weird at times during the game, didn’t need spectator chat to make a meme out of it and make me the butt of some joke. I may be projecting some other issues onto the game at hand, I don’t know. This was just the most unprofessional treatment of anything I have ever seen.


Big benny owns

By the way all reference to blue bedroom is me.

I'll handle the organizing in lieu of ban or rora, ill dm you my venmo and we can get started


That Spanish woman warning lmao

I love MU and hope they invite us back

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Are you interested in running our own tournament, the first mafia tournament with a prizepool?

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Let me go on record and say Arapocalypse is extremely professional.

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Agreed. But ending every sentence with exclamation points gets old after a while.

It's okay I had American south American and tons of other countries talk about my racist outburst in pro na dota. Got cancelled and now I'm in EU dota with my own cheap sa type labour.

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What series?

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No lol I'm not a huge aoe fan. I watch it randomly

Full commendations for making Datisi scumtell twice on D1 due to your prodding technique. I went over the details of the posts in the private thread that was created for the tournament.

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Hello. Yes, it was wonderful meeting you too. I am so sorry for your loss.

I love it!

Insane that they warned you for the "bedded a spanish woman" post. That was one of the best posts and important context for the game

We had the same idea (attract good mafia players to our site and run our own championships) in our private thread. ■■■ is just too ■■■■■■■■ to say yes to you directly. You can go ahead with your idea, I will make sure ■■■ is on board.