Magic the Gathering thread

I’ve been fiending arena, any of y’all play?
I miss my lurrus sac deck :(

Today I played a bunch of mono red in bo1. Went up from plat 3 to plat 1, one win away from diamond, but a string of losses has me back to plat 2

Need more wild cards so I can better tune this jund deck

Only played like 6 games today, might play more later prob not though
Unranked jank, storm herald + colossification + fling
Got the combo off 4 times and won 3 of them
One time I was 1 land off :(

Studied all day so didn’t get to play until now. Played 5 games of this shit momir event to get my two wins. Disgusted at mtg so I logged off. You get ramp you instantly win its ridiculous

Worked in the gym all day and then chopped it up with old college roommates so no real magic today :(

Add me, I usually play limited tho.

What's your username?

Tbh, I recycle a lot of limited, but I don't like to buy packs. I'd have to grind the fuck out of limited to get a decent enough collection every expansion so I got burned out after guilds of rav since I burned thru something like 400 drafts in a few months.

I am sitting on something like 40 rare wildcards and 30 mythic, but idk what I want to craft rn.

I have the shell for mono red, but honestly, fuck that deck.

The deck I loved to play last meta was mono blue tempo, but they gutted it after curious obsession rotated out.

I’ll post my username when I get on later
But yeah don’t craft mono red it sucks right now with all the shit temur and sultai and bant ramp decks

I usually play bo3 constructed but lately been doing bo1 cuz fuck 20 minute games

What you should do is craft a historic deck. the meta there is pretty juicy and mono blue tempo is dece there


Made it back to diamond. Got lucky playing 3 matches against jund sac. None of them drew a claim, and the second of the three was brain dead and had no clue how to pilot the deck

tried to speed run my 5 daily wins with fling jank but double all that glitters stonecoil ruined my day :(

Fuck temur rec that is all for today

6-3 in standard event with my mono red
Lost to jund, white weenies, and bant ramp

Was slow because no 1 drops and dude drew 3 shatters

Fucked with some kids on unranked with jund

New set drops Thursday & we get a rotation can’t wait for the new meta

I play 1 jace + persistent petitioners brawl deck (and lose ofc it’s shit) and my arena client stops working

anything thats not paper magic is unholy, btw commander is based

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Paper magic doesn’t even exist rn dude

i reformatted my comp and i think i need to reinstall it but im too busy anymore to rly play anyways oh well.

Dude download it lemme SMOrc you with the new gobbo mono red deck