Magina is now Vagina

Life really is poetry

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how does this fit within the offense of the ancients lore.

You are too late. I have already made the vagina joke.


M/Vagina Lore

Magina's habit of performing in "male drag" goes back to the days of Warcraft III, where Vagina's "female drag" was no match for the post-op transsexuals who ruled supreme.

VAGINA is unconcerned with mass appeal, and focusses on cosmetic-sets aimed at a long gone generation of angry and depressed queer HIV/AIDS activists unafraid to cry on the battlefield.

She's Hard

A smiling stranger's blade
dragging blood across his cheek
and him stretching not to taste
the spit upon his face


a smiling stranger's kiss dragging lipstick across her cheek
and her stretching to taste
the spit upon her face

Kinda sad that some trannies look better then actual women now a days