Mass shooting in america thread

What do you guys think about the recent mass shooting?, it is said that the shooter had satanic motives.

Was it a gun problem? Or is it a god problem?

I don't pay attention to mass shootings anymore, I'm completely desensitized.

A mass shooting is as commonplace as a rainy Tuesday for me at this point.

I mean why would u shoot white people at a bar when u can take ur semi auto to a black neighbourhood and mow some africans down am i right

American heroes

beat my highscore

now that 8chans getting shtu th fuck down by cloudflare people are gonna be posting their manifestos here

@mafiabot remindme 24hours to add pdf uploads

it's a man problem :joy:

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again another point that men are the only gender actually doing things

when do you have women actually willing to die for a cause they believe in? It like almost never happens. Men regularly understand and accept that their death is ultimately less important than the furtherance of a cause that they believe in. Women are so indecisive and stupid they can’t even believe in something enough to give their life up for it.

I look forward to you following me around with some kind of idiot reply every time i post because youre bored. I come here to shitpost and maybe you do too but regardless of whether it's genuine or not youre pretty annoying. youre running around with your dick out berating women for no reason other than to spread your toxic opinions. chill out

not everything has to turn into aids on this forum. Arent you really sick or something too? stop being a negative piece of shit. world's better off without people like that.
you somehow got the notion that i think women are the superior gender or perceived what i said as some other delusional shit and start arguing points about women not doing anything blah blah blah .. i never even brought anything like that up. You're just a bitter person

What do you mean really sick? I whip around a brand new Benz, work 40+ hours a week 7 days a week because I believe in the cause I take part in. Aren’t you like studying to become a nurse or some other useless shit that requires little actual thought or decision making

It's violent video games btw. Kids growing up on them is causing this

Can’t wait until you’re a nurse and taking orders from a doctor (most likely a man)

I, on the other hand, drive the freshest whips, wear the freshest clothes, eat at the trendiest restaurants in Los Angeles, and shit talk women on the internet in my free time. You wish you could be me.

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None of you understand masa shooters because you've never had real urges to do what they do