Media apparatus stretching to

How is mind washing kids on a gaming platform legal? How is this shit allowed? SINCE WHEN IS IT OK FOR THE MEDIA TO RUN ON TWITCH?



as much of a wapo hater as I am I doubt this is going to affect the majority of kids on twitch that get groomed by Fortnite streamers


…it’s a media site though

So highlighting a 3k viewer stream to the front page of is perfectly fine?

Don’t you understand what’s happening…

that happens every day, yes. There have been 300 viewer streams featured on Twitch’s frontpage.

Comments like this are just embarrassing - whether it’s a joke or not.

Twitch is a media website.

@numeta do you get your news from Q or something

You’re either trolling or actually braindead if you don’t understand what “media” means in this context used by Numeta.
If you’re not trolling please try to think before making “epic zinger” comments like this - it’s just narcissistic bullshit that nobody wants to see in any thread.

Mass media was streamed on 10 years ago. I don’t think this is anything “new” or a cause for concern, a media company using another company’s media platform. Youtube, Twitter, all do this. I’m surprised that mass media would be such a personal issue for people when Twitch constantly directs ads towards children.

You’re intentionally missing the point and still - not understanding what Numeta is saying.
I am not offering my opinion on this topic or arguing about it yet, you are just completely misunderstanding the words Numeta is writing (or trolling) though.
I honestly believe that you would actually have reacted differently if it wasn’t Numeta posting it, but that’s just a (educated) guess.

I would not have reacted differently to anyone else claiming mass-market media is brainwashing, and Twitch was a bastion free of brainwashing until mass-market media companies reached it.

Here are some quotes from a fringe mass media person who streamed on since its infancy:

That’s just grasping and strawmanning. He is talking about Mainstream News media on a Gaming/Entertainment website - He is saying that it does not have a place there, because a lot of children use it and they are usually impressionable, and that it is primarily a gaming website and nobody asked for it (Implicit argument).

Getting mad about wapo is stupid imo because there are many other nongame things on twitch I enjoy. Bob Ross, the cooking channel, a channel where I watch mxc amongst other cartoons I don’t find Streaming anywhere else,etc. Why allow everything except news? The nonvideogame streams I mentioned above generate revenue and have a good amount of viewers. In fact, I’m more mad that twitch doesn’t plug them more too but I don’t think featuring wapo is a problem because they’re only streaming event coverage and if you haven’t noticed Any Event is covered (I’ve enjoyed the livestreams of festivals, it’s way better than being there and being in close proximity of big bennys

Wapo didn’t get 3k viewers because they’re wapo, it’s because they’re covering an event people are interested in and nobody else is on this site. Removing this content or creating any sort of bar is obviously problematic, as showcased by twitchs previous awful attempts to enforce other rules on a case by case basis.

You’re really far off, then.

“Mainstream News” media isn’t at all more damaging to a young audience compared to people streaming games 8 hours a day. I do think that kids are impressionable, but I don’t think an outlet like Washington Post will ever attract and lend itself to maladaptive behavior like watching videogame or IRL streams has.