Mental Ward Ramblings

They left this garbage here 8 hours ago seemingly unaware of my new years resolution to not eat preprepared food


Havent seen a nurse or anytning since like 6 hours ago. At this point im hoping they forgot i was here and i get a settlement

I would make for an extremely good prisoner

If they make me a steak, i will eat it. I refuse to eat microwaved garbage..

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Have not eaten in 3 days btw

This looks like a car


when the security was nonexistent and some chick fucked her husband every visitor day

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Held my piss for 6 hours before someone checked my vitals.

Currently using this hold as a way to jumpstart my nofap routine

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nofap and god is all the medicine you need

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Ironic because most hospitals have great kitchens and cafeterias to feed the staff, but feed you this garbage.

Ask them for real cooked food. You might get it.

To be fair i told the lady i didnt want anything off the menu but she brought me snacks anyway

Damn eating good, no rent to worry about, how long can you stay for?

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You can get a real big settlement if you attempt suicide and they don’t find you for hours I’m talking like huge money, like retirement money

I’m dead ass serious you can get paid the fuck out

They probably just realized you’re a bitch who ain’t about shit and they don’t have to worry about you offing yourself

Theres a camera

Current show im watching

Im giving my phone to them when i take the ambien so i dont do weird shit