Merry Christmas 2023

love u guys

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Merry holidays

I’ve told the Santa cums once a year joke maybe 10 times this season. Never misses

No happy holidays liberal shit here it’s MERRY CHRISTMAS

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"Holidays" is a very religious term. Holy days. Ew.

Happy Winter Solstice!


Went to Christmas mass today with my grandparents ACCEPT THE LORD INTO YOUR LIFE

It takes a special kind of retard to actually let his Christmas turn into some sort of way to virtue signal how "based and redpilled" he is.

Happy holidays everyone.


seasons greetings friend

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I can guarantee he was posting on r/atheism as a 19 year old Egyptian.

Nope. Try again.

I was playing Dota 2 as a 19 year old Egyptian.

The level of libtard mania you've just been immersed in means you can't perceive anything as being normal -- it's all based and redpilled.

Nma was running from BAC (Big Arab Cock) as a 19 year old Coptic

My neighbors have a 30 foot Menorah in their front yard, year round.

Libtards started the war on Christmas -- it's truly a defensive enterprise.

No you have it all backwards. I can perceive people as being normal, actions are all relative to their actuators.
People like Yns cannot be normal by definition. His existence has an unerasable subtext of MAGApede Redpilled philosophy.

Accept Jesus into your heart

I assure you I've been to church at least five times as much as you have in my life.

Easy to say when Street thugs aren't erecting statues to baphomet in your public spaces