Michael Jackson Was completely INNOCENT.

Good video on it.


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michael jackson was actually innocent if you look into it

just like courtney love likely was behind cobain’s death

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do u actually think mj was guilty

have you looked into the accusations

it just sucks that more people didnt know this when he was still alive.

actually after reading reddit user "Catch-up"s several paragraphs of mj defense, and the robot voice youtube video, my mind is changed. he’s innocent.

and yeah i probably read more than 100 pages of the proceedings when i was in highschool (project). what about u

you seem sarcastic

what about the proceedings convinced you of his guilt?

i had to watch a bunch of interviews and testimonies too but the reading was more interesting

can you point me at something that you think would convince me of his guilt

When he got acquitted in the criminal trial i knew he was innocent.

free my boy jerry sandusky,

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im still open to being convinced the other way but pretty much all the circumstantial evidence around the accusers’ circumstances point towards them lying for money

what really hurts me is thinking about how the plan worked,they got their money, and they got to make him look bad. its sad

youre honestly just a rly gross person

refpsi may be delusional about some things about the world but at least he doesnt get triggered into being a sarcastic asshole by literally fucking everything that slightly upsets him or touches the nerve of contempt



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elvis did nothing wrong