Mindhunter Day 1-4

The day begins! There are 3 scum and 8 town.

The scum all have town roles, and two of them will initially flip town until they kill someone.
The Unit Chief and Co-ed are confirmed town. The scum is in the remaining 9 players.

All town roles start with 1 charge, but be nice to the Chief and he can give you an extra shot!

Role PMs can be found: Here

Alive Players (11):

Day will last 36 hours. Nights will start at 12-16 hours or until all night actions are received.
Scum have day & night chat!

@mafiabot startday 3450


@mafiabot slist

did not read this set up anyone wanna give me the tldr

im trying to figure it out too

not used to role madness

very scummy post why would town be trying to figure it out? You’ve taken my scum bait, I am a master at this setup and have worked out every possibility. The odds of town winning in this setup are 65% and with your slip up the odds have now gone up to 85%, you’re fucked. Completely fucked.

@mafiabot startday 3450

i'm not reading any setup and matticus is a massive fag for not giving me mafia

im not sure how the profiler and psychologist thing works

before it was something with the kinks, 1-2-3 and A-B-C. then the host simplified it but like

before we werent aware of our kinks and i think when scum makes a night kill their kink and number is publicly revealed? and when profiler/psychologist checks someone they get 1-2-3 or A-B-C so combined they can form a cop check?

so im not sure how it works now when its simplified

hows someone say theyre iwlling to rig mafia to win but not willing to rig someone to mafia

every mafia win you’ve had has been with me on your team and I don’t believe that’s a coincidence

anyones time to serve out justice

@mafiabot lynch @bazingaboy

remember when I was literally shooting dope pimping hoes and I won us the mafia game single handily

think I'm town. not positive.

i carried you, you're welcome.

I didn’t even need to post and I still won us the game dweeb

just lynch bazinga

ok I'm definitely town

im the unit chief (most important PR) serviceman protect me for freelo