Fun stuff going on here.



I would play more If TI wasn’t going on.

Current alliances:

Jdances Terror Squad

Wintergreen’s Friend Club

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Use mcleaks.net to get free Mc accounts to play.

Or the pirate bay.

seeing as youre against the fatboy like me

i would like to join your alliance as long as youre willing to help me start off and build nexst to your base.

let me know if any problems. if people are going to use this longterm i’ll start a backup process.

ill probably use it for awhile, prob get other friends in iunno

thanks again roragok! awesome dude always willin to help out :slight_smile:

lol i might come through at some point i got an old mc acct around here somewhere

I haven’t played much yet because TI. So far I just dug a hole and lit a torch.

i might play after TI if ihave the time.

man im in here and this guy tabou00 is being very cold towards me . . .

i would like to show you around my base paine

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Finally got food, stone, and wood. i am ready to go and make a house. Who wants to be my neighbor?


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Can we just stop merging and moving threads around?

I made my own base :)

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This is very cool.

i might make a base today