Yo everytime @anon75925521 connected the server started lagging. Are u DDOSing this shit or something

You being in a private discord with Kyle is obviously starting to take a toll on mental health if you believe him so quickly.

Might fuck around and join

hopefully the current players give you a hand. If you’d like to catch up on the lore between the 4 tards you can see the Minecraft Mystery thread in Mafia or Nmagane’s Birthday House.

Lol I was reading that which made me want to join


if u join i can give u some iron and food to start you off

I will accumulate many diamonds tonight

Is that because Benny gave you an x-ray hacked client

No, I will strip mine at diamond level.

Want a partner?

Why are you being so antisocial

I can’t connect to the server

can you do the same for me. infact can i live with you? i dont think benny would grief me if that meant griefing you as well

The server died when okay griefed it

Link it again
Link the post from the guy who doesn’t post here again!

What do you mean? He posted very recently and his activity levels (having a job and a life unlike some other members of the forum) does not make what he says any less true.

I don’t get how you think blatantly lying to me is funny but okay dude

Where is the lie? You can check his post history, he did post recently.