Moderator Action Logs

I banned "CulturedUrbanite" 1 week for his deleted post in the "Cultured Urbanite VideoGame Selects." thread

And for subsequent posts directed at other users

This is the post in question:

To me this wasn't a good thing to post on the forum.


This is outrageously based

I am sick and tired of incels like grandgrant and notjnz on nadota and dota 2 reddit in general
this has to stop

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Please post the transparency report for your moderation actions on the other forum you moderate: Pop! - Funko Funatic

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That's a quick unban.

Yeah there is a bug.

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If you could please refrain from posting for 1 week out of respect for the ban it would be appreciated.

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Your a bug.

I banned CulturedUrbanite until 8AM Saturday for this post:


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Top work

Toprak doesnt work

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