Moderator Action Logs

I banned "CulturedUrbanite" 1 week for his deleted post in the "Cultured Urbanite VideoGame Selects." thread

And for subsequent posts directed at other users

This is the post in question:

To me this wasn't a good thing to post on the forum.


This is outrageously based

I am sick and tired of incels like grandgrant and notjnz on nadota and dota 2 reddit in general
this has to stop

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Please post the transparency report for your moderation actions on the other forum you moderate: Pop! - Funko Funatic

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That's a quick unban.

Yeah there is a bug.

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If you could please refrain from posting for 1 week out of respect for the ban it would be appreciated.

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Your a bug.

I banned CulturedUrbanite until 8AM Saturday for this post:


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Top work

Toprak doesnt work

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@ is playpenned for privately sending Grimelines and Osiris edited pictures of Grimes' fiance and suggesting he masturbated to them. The moderation team considers this harassment because Grimes does not like the joke (it is pretty invasive) and has asked people to stop talking about how hot his fiance is.

@You_lose_i_win is playpenned for helping the user who posted the images ban evade and open a public thread with those same images.

Why is Big Benny banned?

Original ban was for posting ■■■'s full name after PMing him saying he was going to post his name and being asked not to or something like that. Unfortunately I forget the details @SOPHIE will have to clarify

Oh man. Thanks for the updates and keep up the good work.

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what does playpenned mean