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I would like a real answer, I am not familiar with the term

I suppose all these users got banned in vain.
How long are these bans planned to be?

How long does the toddler phase last?

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This is still not answered @Osiris @big @SOPHIE @Roragok @timado

Restricted from playing with the big kids cuz he’s being a fuckin baby

Please give me a mechanical definition

Turn on your brain for once dumbass shit brain

That is the technical reason Go fuck yourself

This question still stands

The answer has been presented

If you are incapable of not being a baby I can playpen you too

Actually maybe that’s the easiest way to explain it

I really do not understand the hostility, underlying bias?

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It has not, this answer still needs answered @big_ass @SOPHIE @Osiris

Now you know

Worst moderator

Grimelines decided to leave the site because he didn't feel safe after what benny did. He feels like you guys are talking about him & his partner in inappropriate ways and sharing their photos in the teamspeak.

As this isn't the first time benny has had a lounge-related issue, he will most likely be banned from the lounge indefinitely. If he tries to make a new account or turns up on someone else's account, that account will be banned for the foreseeable future. You guys are allowed to make 1 (one) post on his behalf only if that post is a public apology.

The accounts benny used to make the posts are permanently banned because they are compromised. (A playpen is a timeout or ban.) The original owners of those accounts can make a new account and post again (Jones was a poster in good standing) but have to accept accountability for sharing with someone who broke the rules. What this means: Maybe a public apology or just getting harassed by the ■■■■■■ moderator. IDK to what extent Jones enabled benny there but the unfortunate reality is if you play into the "goy" label you will get treated as such by the people who want to play that "goy" game.

Hope this helps.

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Man if i were you guys i would do everything in my power to avoid a scuffle with ass. This guy doesnt fuck around.

Moderator action logs

Another user falls victim to the "randomly bans and insults you" moderator. A true NADota classic. The authentic playpen experience

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