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Wtf is wrong with people. Articles about abortion after the child is born?

What happened to closing your legs and not bring a whore?

People who support abortion literally support killing babies

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Get in here we’re doing this now

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Baby killers and people who praise human sacrifice as a pillar of morality vs people who consider the innocent lives of babies as sacred let’s go

My body my rights

i don't support abortion but i do support other people's right to make their own decisions

get back to me when mosquitos stop killing millions of people a year

your bodily autonomy ends at your body, when you have another human being inside of you then you are imposing your will onto someone else that is unable to make a decision about their life

It’s killing babies

If I walk into a nursery and shoot every baby in the face who has a mother that has second thoughts about motherhood I would be considered evil

If someone rips a baby apart inside a woman and uses a vacuum to suck out baby body parts 2 months prior to my shoot spree inside a nursery they are perfectly fine and just performing a medical procedure

Conservatives: protect that life even if you can't support it
Also conservatives: why the hell should I pay more taxes to support others

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Hopefully god can forgive me for killing a baby but since it was unborn and his omniscient self knows that woulda impacted my life in a very negative way I imagine he's not too bothered

Slippery slope stuff I don't think anyones arguing for a 7mo abortion or that Dems support that a sa whole

The supreme court is just trying to grab low hanging fruit - "reverting roe vs wade" or whatever you guys call it is such an arbitrary decision that only has negative impact on the country as a whole, but they don't care - it's virtue signalling.

Most people who speak of christian morality online only follow what's convenient for them, if you truly were a christian you would also abstain from sex until marriage, go to church every week for communion, follow the commandments (this includes "love thy neighbor" btw), etc... - Rationally it is a strict positive for a country and its society for it to be legalized. I don't think a r*tarded 19 year old college girl or a below poverty line ghetto druggie should be raising a child, and I don't think the country needs more orphans for sale in the baby market either.

If you truly want your country to be better, instead of just having the opposite opinion of the other guys, then this wouldn't even be an argument.
You are not a christian, stop pretending to be one.


Isn't the Holocaust just the Germans performing After Birth Abortion around 6 million times? I thought you loved that.

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depending on the day yns waffles between the holocaust didn't happen and it did but (((they))) deserved it

I dunno man. Leaving the vagina to consider it alive is weird.