"Moral and Economic implications of stealing groceries from a Supermarket chain in a collapsing economy"

It's hilarious to think that I'm "socially conditioned" rather than I just know that allowing people like you to exist renders a society that is completely awful and unworkable.

Go on about how epic stealing is when your girlfriend has been passed around the DMs of every user on here

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It's fine Toprak, we aren't equals, I am better than you. You don't have to believe communist gobbledygook to make you feel like you have some level of status. You're a trashy, beggar, subscriber to /r/antiwork.

Toasting in epic :bread:

What should I listen to for my shower toprak

You're having Chris Dota 2 tier mental breakdowns over nmagane trolling you over your dumbass ASCII art fantasies on teamspeak and you haave the face to come in here and tell me this stuff

Delusional, jones. Simply delusional.

No what was epic was toprak revealing he was stealing coca-cola and poptarts from the supermarket and then him freaking out over me and nmagane telling him stealing was bad.

"You're just a dumb American. Everything is way TOO expensive here"

the key highlights were hearing "I have to steal because no one is renting my oceanside Cyprus apartment" and "I can't eat pasta because it's nasty".

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Is this true

Personally I am not a fan of insulting people over moral differences. I see morality as a deeply personal commitment to the self - we each have an obligation to settle on our own personal moral code and live by it - and our only obligation to others/society is consistency.

For example: I do not steal because I view myself as a person who does not steal. My obligation to society (and myself) is to make sure my actions are consistent with my values. But any other person can choose to have different values and live differently. If you view yourself as a person who steals lunchables from walmart, by all means - steal the lunch able.

However it is also important to note that I settle on my particular moral code because I view it as the most likely to be healthy and happy. Will you really feel healthy and happy after stealing the lunchable, or do you need to reconsider your own moral code? These are questions for you to consider and answer (in personal conversation with yourself, not in conversation with Internet Teenage Anarchist #1009). But just personally I don't believe you will feel healthy & happy after eating the lunchable.

That is despicable toprak.

Hes right. The pasta is all hard and plasticy when you try to eat it.

The amount of anger he exhibited when I explained to him that stealing from the supermarket is just going to make them jack up prices to cover the losses: an absolute chimp out.

his brain stopped for like 5 seconds and then he started screaming about how I was a dumb American.

Usually here it's theft prevention and cameras

B-n-but The greedflation makes everything too expensive

"the supermarket has already bought it so it's effectively free" verbatim out of his mouth

no what they do here is that they just close down the stores that have extreme losses and then idiot white women complain about "food deserts" and "systemic racism".

No these people are just too dumb and evil to actually participate in an economy.

Clueless Ameritard... You Are So Dumb.

For me personally eating lunchable, pop tart, diet coke is morally wrong whether you paid for it or not. But a lot of people would disagree with that and that is completely fine.

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They lock up The ■■■■■■ shampoo while the women shampoo is out in the open chadface.bin