Movies Thread

@Osiris did you watch Andrei Roublev?

Just rewatched and the first hour drags and drags, after that it gets a lot better

but as far as immersion and historical accuracy it is off the charts which I figured was the most important part of a history movie for you

no i audibled and was convinced to go discing instead on that sunday but it's on the list

Jurassic Park Dominion was fucking HORRIBLE LMAO

Good lord just let it die already

They will milk that as long as suckers keep watching.


Speed is free on Amazon Prime right now.
Cheesy, but still good fun watching Keanu and Sandra Bullock at the start of their careers.

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almost finished season 3 of Barry, anyone seen this show?

it’s great

I found it too depressing

Definitely a top tier show, just not something I'm excited to watch

Yeah I can’t binge it, usually watch one episode per day

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No surprise with an attention span like yours.

just finished s3, seemed darker and less fun than the other ones

still good tv

This is a good point. An attention span like insoms. Hahahaa

Just watched The Hobbit again on Prime. Sadly parts 2 and 3 are not available. Fuck Amazon.

edit: I refreshed the page and now it has the other two available. Weird algorithm I guess.

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Watching 13 Lives on Amazon Prime.
It's about the Thai kids who got stuck in that cave.
Very intense. Directed by Ron Howard. Would recommend.

One strange thing. They wanted to sedate the kids to drag them back.
So they dosed them with ketamine?
Is that even real?

every time I feel an urge to watch the hobbit movies I just end up rewatching lotr again

I plan on watching them next.
Just been a long time since I watched the hobbit.

Weren't the hobbit movies just straight up doodoo cheeks anyway

The 1st one was dece if youre looking for a disneyfied lotr then it was nosedive

Yeah they all sucked.
Took a short book and dragged it out into a 3-movie thing for more money.