Movies Thread

Used a quote from beef on a semi-date today, she had no idea. It was from one of the later episodes when it gets super deep and introspective (not a dark comedy it is a human drama)


Just watched Don't Look Up.
@big_ass This the type of dark comedy that I can enjoy.

I would recommend.

Widely considered one of the dumbest movies ever

Because people didn't get the humor.
Kinda like Beef.

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There is a watchable movie coming to theaters every week for like the next 6

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Let's hear the list.

Google it

cleopatra bombing brings me great joy

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the fast and incredibly heterosexual?

Fast xxx

convince me fast and furious isn't doodoo cheeks


I cant

admit fast and furious is mad max for adolescents/burnouts and i will acquiesce world of warcraft used to be a good game

I havent seen a fast and the furious since the fourth or fifth one

doing history poorly is literally worse than not doing history at all

i'm with you on this one

if it's not going to be accurate it should be like 300 and make that fairly obviously that it isn't taking itself that seriously

yet the people who made cleopatra seem REALLY REALLY butthurt that people aren't taking their show seriously lol

it's gotta be a jebait by the industry at this point. label yourself as a documentary then cast a different race as the main character

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