Movies Thread

"all press is good press honey"

or something like that

@Vanilla_Town thoughts on blackwashing 'egyptian' (she was greek and persian) history


I clicked this and this is what came up. You are perverted.

Watching Bullet Train now because I am a sucker for Bread Pitt movies.
No homo. Brad Pitt just doesn't make bad movies.
It is good if you like stupid action movies with a lot of plot twists.

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Fight Club, Interview With the Vampire, 12 Monkeys, Fury, the list goes on and on.

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his best role

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After re-reading the Alice in Borderland mafia game, I have decided to watch the show.
Good so far.

It still makes me mad that in several mafia games I won, and the MVP vote was for someone who lost.
How does that even make sense?


Just be aware I spoiled the ending of the show with the name & lore of the GY that game

That's fine. I didn't really follow the the storyline of the game.
I just played the best (or most fun) mafia moves.
Besides, these types of shows are usually very predictable.

Just watched guardians for the third time. Thats enough crying for now.

@xHYMEN_DESTROYERxX This is pretty good for a Netflix show.
Almost as good as Squid game.
BTW I knew the light bulb problem.

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@xHYMEN_DESTROYERxX Still enjoying this show.
Thanks for recommending it.


@xHYMEN_DESTROYERxX Still enjoying this Alice in Borderland.
The naked guy and man-butt thing in S2E2 bothers me.


I don't remember exactly what you're talking about but I'm sure I agree with you

The guy was running around totally naked with his junk hanging out the entire game.
Kinda hard to miss.

it was so traumatizing for @xHYMEN_DESTROYERxX that he has mentally blocked it out like a trauma, thus proving he is the straightest user on the forum and ultimately losing the gay off.

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My thoughts exactly.
I started watching the next episode and the guy is still butt naked.
How could you not remember that?