My intentions laid bare

I am requesting that I be made SUPER ADMIN of this website. It’s become apparent to me that “moderator” is not enough.

I don’t feel the need to explain why I should be made SUPER ADMIN; it should be obvious.

I will take questions from the peasant clique and answer them to the best of my ability.


WHY are NAMAFIA ADMINS so afraid of modding SMART PEOPLE?

Suggested fix, effective immediately: Mandatory IQ testing for ALL NAMAFIA MODERATORS before promotion and at 6 month intervals to ensure they have not lost any brain cells in the course of their duties

Can we take the MENSA IQ tests? I proved my IQ was higher than jdance with that test.

None of them are actual leaders, more akin to loser types that feel comfortable and satiated by being in some mundane clique.

Content to post trivialities and the vagaries of their life.

What would be your first action once you’ve ascended to SUPER ADMIN?

I would make the namafia website accessible over a tor hidden service.

Let’s be honest jones. You’re just describing me.

actually just point an MX record at my server and we can have accounts

Is it possible for a website to exist both on the regular internet and on tor at the same time?

I would personally harass a certain female user of the website, threaten to ban her unless she sent me nudes, and then have the resulting chatlogs revealed to the public.


I think if it’s a .onion address or something of the like, it can only be accessed through tor…

I would NOT moderate the mafia forum.

You have my vote. I wish you the best of luck in the next Gauntlet!

I would place HIDDEN POLKA MUSIC in the Artifact sub-forum.


jones if I get benefits, you can be the invisible hand behind me

Which users would you immediately ban (if any) upon your promotion?

Anybody interested in building an Alternate Namafa UI that removes certain posters from existence

a fake “nazi subforum” that’s vieweable on the main page (akin to the lounge) but throws to an “access denied” page to rile up “waah hate speech” morons