my new best friend

some of u may know him as winter whatever the fuck the end of his generic name is

pos finds out i used to work for valve doing beta testing and tries to ruin either my relationship with them or their reputaiton in the community

now obviously he fails cuz hes not nearly smart enough to pul that off, but it does speak tremendously to his character.i d highly highly recommend cutting this faggot off from your life until he makes a new account and finally fuckign apologizes to me over the last 4 days or so

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also he only even found any of this out purely because of how incessant and PURELY FUKCIGHN annoying he is. total scum of a human being 100% degenerate never worked a real job in his life - probably gonna weasel his way into social security at age 40 or fuckign have a surrogate baby and claim it as a dependent or just cut out all the bullshit and start injecting heroine (ideally fentanyl or w.e it is)

now again i dont like to be mean but i also dont just stand there when people try to fuck with me so yea thank u for coming to my ted talk and fuck this absolute anus of a human being. thank u


best part of literally any SS he has posted in our exhanges (10 or so?) is that all 10 of his screenshots just make him look worse but hes too fuckign stupid/self-unaware/absolutely fuckkign manical to realize it. have a good night everyone. might stream tonight or just take a day off from dealing with any fuckign dota players in any capacity

pretty understandable to take the night off i think ROFL

Ah Sorry, Winter Mute. See his name is Winter Mute because his Favorite Season Is Winter, Isn’t that crazy? It’s so unique right? USUALLY all the IMBECILES like the HISSSSSSS SUMMER… cuz they want to HAVE FUN IN THE SUN… and fucking GO TO THE BEACH AND SHOW OFF A DECENT PHYSIQUE THEY WORK HARD FOR… but winter isnt artsy and cool enough on its own. LETS CAP IT OFF WITH MUTE! BRILLIANT~! A DISABILITY TO GARNER SYMPATHY BUT NOT SO BAD THAT YOU OVERDO IT!

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hope u think this hard about ur next name u fucking worhtless cocksucker

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He was just copying a previous users fake-nick. @big_ass

Fucking @anon_yang

and b4 you inevitably desperately pick at my name and call it HAHA CAPE SHIT (despite the immense popularity of all the movies…) i picked this name from an old mech warrior 2 mech its like one of the first ones you get. p sure youd get a mech and a number and the one i used for all 2 missions of it that i played (cuz agian i was like 7 god damn years old)

so either become a better human being or get teh fuck out of the forum immediately u cunt

What did he mean by this

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most comunnication ive ever seen from a valve employee tbh

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like one of those screenshots is literally me complimenting dota nad ur like HAHA WHAT AN aboslute fuckign IMBECILE!!~!~! HE LIKES ONE Of the most POPULAR and fucking DIFFICULT esports OF ALL TIME!!?? HAH U DUMB ME SMART OOGA BOOGA LUL

I really don’t know what’s going on anymore, but 2019 namafia was boring til about yesterday so im here for it. Thanks Epoch

thats a signature if i ever saw one

worst part tbh is how blatantly he continually gets fucking owned but just cant be enough of a man or have enough of a fucking sack to admit hes wrong. id legitimately punch him in the face right now if he never apologizes. a day or 2 in jail would be so worth it ROFL

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anyways i hope this clown has made u people laugh as hard as hes made me laugh but my final straw was this total degenerate shadiness i experience in the last like 10 hours of him literlaly stalking me for like 90 hours. poor dudes so desperate for any love or attention from any fucking living being. i guess thats what INHERITING AKA FOR FREE - A SHITTY landlord job does to a human being. guess im not that surprised but its just insanely disappointing. seriously og read my whole thread if u havent yet (700 posts? aka like 4x more than there should be? but this degenerate wont hop off my admittedly beautiful nutsack?)



k gott go run some errands now like 4 hours later tha ni want to cuz wintermule (cuz he prolly looks like a mule hehehe hah ha Lol Rofl Haha) wont fucking leave me alone for 2 hours

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