my new best friend

its across multiple threads too btw, do some investigation lmao

Loki how did you even find this forum

We need to attract more people that are going to create content like you do

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fuckign obsessed with a person hes not even gonna potentially get any pussy from fucking smh my head

i used to post on dota-allstars a lot cuz it was the greatest website of all time but that fat dumb idioit cocksucker pendragon had to ruin that so i migrated to na dota for a few years so yea

honesly this little wintershit is about on the same level as pendragon - equally as scummy.

fun beta tester story - i can quote the frog as describing something as “even fucking lamer than pendragon_”

ok gonna shower at fucking 4 pm cuz losers wont leave me alone bye :blush:

don’t let em get to you, keep posting and streaming

loki is the next big content producer since jdance, except not a virgin pedo incel racist

But how did you find na Mafia

GIve it time… he might still be one of those

Somebody should text jdance and let him know he can come back to the forumn

lmfao jesus christ well i sure hope not anyway

one last proposition for my Best Friend that i thought of in the shower :slight_smile:

if u apologize profusely ill not only squash the beef but give u a BIG FAT green ANIME SWORD in the chat!! thats right you can mod my channel big boy :O not only that but u wont become a leper in the one place that grants you like probably 85% of your social interactions on a daily basis. i dont want u to make a new name man but if you keep being a little bitch then ill make sure you do lol

The moment when a new user writes an essay about our resident Egyptian troll nmagane and comments on his own post 30 times. This has definitely never happened before. I’m glad it has been brought to our attention. Mods?

Btw have you met Dan? @SOPHIE what a swell guy. He’s really on the ball. I guess it’s really more like he’s on something or another and swings by every so often to do or say nothing particularly impactful. Great guy, though.


yea epok is awesome we were associates back in the day but i really enjoy how hes handling this website at least from what i can see. lets use this asa forum to learn, make friends, and learn about life and dota as humans :slight_smile:

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seriously dude its so apparent you have some kinda mental or other shit going on in ur life issue. again im sympathetic to that i dealt with all that 4 years ago - which is why i stopped playing dota on my main account rofl. just apologize and be done with it dude im sure its mentally draining for you as it is for me especially cuz im not the one getting supremely embarrassed infront of all his friends

Loki do you know who “Nmagane” is

no sorry i do not, gonna post one last pic of me looking moderately presentable - still need a haircut tho these god damn washington hippies with their silly man beards and buns must be contagious - be back in an hour or so. prolly not gonna stream tonight honestly i need a solid night of sleep for obvious reasons lol

anyways yea i just wanna teach about dota nad point out some of the awful stupid psychology fuckery that is the only obstacle/hurdle this scene has to dominate all the smelly europeans and mean china people from my favorite game ROFL.

LIKE i dunno theres so much talent/potential in this region but theres too much dickriding/sucking at the high levels. perfect example and let me lead by saying i know both these dudes pretyt well and were friends - back when FPL was a thing iannihilate played a pretty shitty SB game and was level 4 at like 13 mins. mason starts crying at him in teamchat about it but it was pretty understandable the way the lanes went that he was level 4. but like mason points out something that yes while obviously bad just fuckin happens some times cuz thats dota and thats life