My one quarral with Avengers : infinity war

My only aesthetic problem with the death of Bucky is his vibranium arm turned to dust, while his gun fell to the floor. Isn't Vibranium indestructible?

How is ROCKET supposed to GET THAT ARM? I never fully thought about it, but upon re-watching the movie and hearing Rocket say "Oh I'll get that arm," I thought it would be a great continuance in the next movie, like maybe captain america loses his arm and Rocket just happens to have it laying around and uses it to fight Thanos with Bucky in mind. Then I find out it just vanished. A big waste of plot imo!

Feel free to discuss Endgame - no spoilers tho plz

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This is a really good point

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spoiler: the movie is trash

The movie is good. You just hate what other people like

Ironman Dies In Endgame Protecting His Money

ironman, thor, and chris evans die in endgame because they want out of their contracts and dont want to stick around making more superhero movies

it's out in a month huh

Are there any leaks yet

I want a haircut like chris Evans

That's just called a haircut

Go to any barber and say "give me a haircut"

I dunno I think winter soldier is the most interesting of the franchise honestly. Shitty they just kill him off and don't allow him to take over after steve rogers

ill have to check out winter soldier ty

Captain America : Winter Soldier is the best marvel movie if you ask me. Well it's up there with the top 3 at least.

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That's actually a good point Numeta prob just a plot hole that the creators missed.

My issue w avengers infinity war was how they portray Thanos as this man on a mission to save the universe from itself.

He tells the story about how eradicating half of the population would save the planet. It's just a really lazy character design full of contradictions and I was never impressed with it. I was hoping infinity war would add more depth to this but nope it's just kill half.

But are you only killing half of sentient living creatures or all living organisms? Killing half of all organisms would still retain a lot of the planetary resource constraints, say if we have a food shortage and you wipe out half of all animals and plant life.

What if one sentient planet relies on another planet to survive as well? So you're not really fixing the issue there either.

How do you draw the line in that case for what gets wiped and what doesn't? Or what about when the populations recover? Wipe again? What is your benchmark for deciding it is time to wipe?

For someone who acts like they're practicing the ultimate form of utilitarianism, it seems like a giant flaw in logic.

Anyway they probably didn't think of these things because who cares Thanos is a madman and insane villains don't need to make sense I just wish they also didn't portray him at the same time as some intelligent ruler who is cognicent enough to rule an empire by managing multiple governments and beaurocracies, making philosophical quotes and shit of that nature because the key underlying goal that you're working towards sounds like something I'd expect to hear from some elementary school simpleton

Like the original comic book does not portray Thanos in this way so I feel like the directors kind of screwed themselves over by sort of making Thanos bigger than the writers can handle so now you're just going to end up with some cheesy villain who is way too strong and have to require some deus ex machina to resolve the plot

Overall I am really looking forward to seeing endgame but I have a feeling that there is just no way it will live up to its own hype and they're going to do some lazy omnicent mechanic like time travel or dimension hopping to have it end a Disney way

What way did the original comic book portray him?

I was going to respond with some snarky comment about how it's a comic book movie and clearly the science is just never going to be good (by idiots for idiots regardless of this "the snap" stuff) but it seems I am misinformed

just so we're clear i've seen a lot of big blockbuster movies in the last few years and I dont recall ever thinking any of them were good

I'm really peeved at the crowd that pull the "finally a GOOD, SMART superhero movie" thing every time one of these piles of dogshit is released and then if I ever do see them they're just impressively mediocre and immediately forgettable

Even in the case of like netflix superhero shows

I think everyone's way too generous

Thanos is just a chaotic evil type of character that loves to see shit die and cause as much suffering as possible. The entire premise of wiping out half the living beings was to cause pain and suffering, not 'save populations' as is rendered in the movie.

So if you think most or all of the movies for marvel are bad, could you give me an example of a fantasy movie which you really liked a lot?

Also keep in mind that disney now owns the marvel brand, so there will always be a childish element to all movies made by marvel these days.