My Reaction (when) YNS Discusses His Expensive Shirt and Food Options:

pretty trash take

It's science's take - not that you'd need science as anyone with any social observation skills has already made the link between materialism and insecurity/depression/being lame.

more like its pretty shitty to give a former heroin addict shit for having new, very likely healthier, vices.

how much cool people do you actually know that rock around with supreme and palace? ever talked to them? then really got to know them - understood them as a person. i don't meann someone who wears a supreme shirt every once in a while i mean somebody who obsesses about "streetwear" (hahaha) apparel networth

it was pretty shit for him to say this too

"former heroin addict"

bro he intentionally dramatizes his life to make his minor and lame drug use seem like a really dark twisted life path ...

I won't pretend thatthe way you regarded his minor opiate use in the same way you would talk about a child with stunted mental health was fiunny though

this "judgmental but at the same time exerting morals" rolepaly is really tiring and UNFUNNY

I don’t really buy streetwear stuff

slowdive i need the thread re - opened

you are undebatable proud of wearing high networth fashion

yeah, everyones dabbled in minor shit like heroin

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i know quite a few people who "dabbled" in heroin - they were lame and did a lame thing.

its really funny the way everyone here fetisizhes his heroin use -- like you know he's proud of it and plays it up as some cool character trait from a twisted path

he's actually a boring loser

intravenously injecting heroin on a daily basis is classified as minor opiate use ty

I’m sober for like 3 years in September Benny

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The joy I see when you double down on your story is similar to a hit as it's just what I wanted. I know you were a heroin addict and not a minor opiate i just wanted you to get the opportunity to braggadose about it as you usually do ..

there's nothing really uninteresting about recovering from heroin -- it's just the contrast with how you frame your former use as some hip streetwise character trait -- it's another extension of materialism

Mysterious New Offer For Nyte!

Age 26, Location Unknown, Occupation Unknown

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i also noticed that you jumped straight into "im not really into streetwear... " ( you knew exactly what the point is ) so the prediction is you'll jump around this thread playing dumb -- the very fact that you feel the need to play duimb means you know what i am saying is true hahaha