My walnut brain can't figure it out.

I was watching TI and I looked at this clip:

How the fuck did that pango do that swash? Was it just random intuition? No fucking way? Really?

I went back and downloaded the replay from the dota client, and saw from the pango's POV. IDK if replays are bugged, but I was able to hear that SF's TP sound, so being able to hear that sound made perfect sense to me. Why was he hearing it in the fog though? Was the replay bugged?

I went into demo to see if you can hear someone TP in fog, and you can't. So how did that pango make that swash? Random act of god? Hunch? Even leading up to that confrontation, the SF doesn't even show up in vision. EVER.

Pango sees invoker fall back, but swashes into the neutral to farm it only to see it's gone, so he knows someone else was here farming.

He moves up, sees the forge spirit, starts attacking, and has his spell on cooldown, so doesn't immediately use it, just holds it for a bit, till he hears the TP sound(?)

So, what I'm trying to figure out is:

  1. Did the pango randomly guess and throw a swash there not knowing if there was anyone? If so, I call bullshit and say that dude must be cheating somehow. Like, some fucking brain chip that receives voice commands, or like a electrode shoved into your ass that gives a little shock in Morse code to tell you if you're near an enemy from someone in the audience.

  2. Did the pango hear the TP sound and then swash? If so, then I also have to ask, how the fuck is that possible? There is clearly no vision, and I tested it myself that you can't hear enemies in fog, so is this some kinda bug? Like, using some exclusive TI cosmetic ends up giving off sound in the fog to enemies? A clear case of pay 2 lose? I really want to know, what's happening.

Help me understand. I'm ■■■■■■■■■


wow "re tar ded" is really censored? I'm honestly surprised. I see signs of a civilization forming.


Considering how much money is on the line, you can't put it past some people in these players from poor countries to try to abuse these div2 qualifiers being remote. Are we really going to revert to the honor system now? LOL. I can't believe esports doesn't have the technology to find hackers by checking if they're running other programs. Like, gonna just let everyone bring whatever machine they want and however many monitors they want, and let's all assume nobody is going to try to break any rules and say it was an accident. Yea, man. Goes to show what a waste of time working is. We coulda just been living it large being esports scammers by being the first hacking team to qualify for TI.

i've never played pango so i dont know the cast range and im guessing the swashbuckle is vector targeted. he might have guessed invoker was still behind the creepwave after seeing forge spirits and went for stun but underestimated his range. honestly could just be a miscast that stuff happened all the time with vector targeting in hon

you definitely shouldn't be able to hear tp's from fog but dota has constant bug issues

Not sure if he was looking, but the invoker clearly runs back the last time he's on the minimap.

The process of elimination though tells him that there was someone farming besides the invoker because he already saw the creep camp was farmed.

The swash was super random, I play pango and that was not an accident, very clearly targeted to hit the line of the walkable path incase(?) someone was there but that was really suspicious to me.

With that said, the guy played a great pango, he really knows how to abuse roll up and blink dagger to make team fights hell for the other side. So much control coming out of 1 player, pretty crazy.

maybe he guessed someone would be waiting in the treeline for an ambush as eg feigns a retreat? still incredibly risky if there are people there and you whiff you can get punished but he does have bkb and is pango so acceptable? idk spamming treelines is definitely a play if you have the mana and your cooldowns are acceptable

Dota seems pretty trash right now. I'm trying to play it and it's not fun anymore.

I wonder if it's me or the game, but I feel like it has to be the game because I haven't really changed that much.

Certain builds are just bullshit and never should have existed, but they do and they're good. Like that item gleipnir, fucking bullshit man.

It's like 1400 cast range with the fucking radius and you can literally get off-screened if the person comes behind you so you have absolutely no way to react. Works through fog too? Why?

Then riki dart. What the fuck is that shit? 1000 cast range? Really? Like, even if you see him, what can you fucking do? You literally have to go 1000 range to even catch him and he can blink away to his team. Is this really how we're supposed to be playing dota now? like everything is ultra far cast range, huge AOE, fast cooldowns, and access to endless disable so BKBs are like the most mandatory item in every game. Is that the meta we're in? So you got rid of TP needing to take a slot, but had cores replace it with BKB instead.

So because TP doesn't need to take a slot, and you get them free on death, it's also impossible to abuse/punish bad play. You find an exploit in defense, glyph, glyph, glyph, glyph before you can hit the ancient.

Was there ever a hero like clinkz+gleipnir+burning barrage? Like a core that can just burst someone down and there is nothing that can be done? Skywrath? But he's not really a carry like clinkz. You could argue ursa, but not really. The game is just so fucking fast in terms of how much damage you can get now. You can get burst so fast, that's how it feels, and then 1 stun is actually like a 6-8 second stun because people really can just fucking line up stuns so easily now with that stun bar letting everyone know exactly how much time you have left so there 0 room for error or excitement.

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i mean there has always been heroes that can delete you in a second but not from that range usually. there's a ton of busted items seems more like a problem with heroes just getting them too fast. i think the support items that can save have come further than the oppressive carry items personally. glimmer, ghost scepter, and force staff can still save you from most things if your positioning and team aren't doodoo cheeks

my bigger complaint would be the base melting too fast and super/mega creeps being easier to deal with

gleipnir is definitely dumb tho. it makes solo killing for ranged carries too easy

Glep can be bad lol with clinkz

Yes replays always have issues like this

To me that looks like a gamesense/random spell usage see what happens situation but it could definitely also be hacking.

And yes dota is trash now. So much nonsense added over the years just for the sake of updating the game to keep the active player base engaged. As an inactive player you come back and are like - what the fuck is going on. But it is cool to see how average skill level has improved over time, like the community as a whole gets better at the game so when you come back you find people are better than you remember

And we censored the word ■■■■■■■■ because one of the guys on the mod team is a total ■■■■■■ - we are trying to be sensitive to him. (Same reason for censoring the word ■■■■■■)

It's kinda crazy but you can tell what the word is without actually reading it so its not like it's severe censorship

Im pretty sure it has more to do with the really obvious power creep like stove said. Everything needs 6 spells, infinite scaling, stupid mitigation

Changing dota in the wrong way. Adding aghs to every hero and shard. Just more stuff to remember more complications.

It's like watching basketball or some other sport and they keep adding more rules and extras to make the game a cluster fuck. They're too afraid to add new heroes or add alt versions so they add new mechanics instead.

Counterstrike is still one of the most popular games in the world and oldest because it doesn't give into power creep and strictly keeps true to the game identity. No bunch of flashy ass mechanics like turbo bombs or strike drones which completely change the fundamenrals of the entire game.

Neutral items, shard, outpost, aghs, glyph, scan, and free obs makes it to this game is super boring. It's such high risk, low reward to play as a roamer now so the best meta is counter punching.

Compare TI from 10 years ago to today and see how drastically different the game is lol. It's trippy to see tps in inventory and people missing stuns, making mistakes and taking risks to roam into fog but that's where we are at.

My fix: no free tps 100 gold a pop, make obs and sents unlimited and 100 each, reduce radius of wards by half and equal, make dust undispellable, get rid of bounty runes, get rid of outposts, double backdoor protection values, and normalize the max range for all spells/items to 1000 max so people have to actually get close to each other to fight. Balance and nerf accordingly.

Roshan also gives 2x experience, respawns twice as fast, and only drops aegis. Aegis still lasts 5 min so multiple aegis can exist.

So many other things I'd change but damn it's not my game and all i can do is despair that I will never be able to relive my youth

turn a few knobs and "fix dota": midwit ■■■■■■■

chinese autism-caclulator "analysis" has never and will never produce anything fun ever.

You participated in a fad. If I got nyte fake tits, botox injections, and she acted submissive she wouldn't be hotter than she was 10 years ago.