Play as

No reason you guys cant crush one of these leagues.
S23 Contender League
Prize Pool $25.00

I would be a noble ringer when needed

Easy cheap advertising


You had me at:

Prize Pool $25.00


im trying here namafia. Its you guys that arent willing to work. Remember I walked around outside for 40 hours a month for 75$ canadian and you fucks cant get some simple shit done.

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Were already in dreamleague thanks to @Forrest dota…maybe @Sammyboy will too for the exposure

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Put me in coach.

what do i need to do, i dont think ad2l will let me play lol

Forrest just put in his comp name so u can see it when he’s playing. That would be cool

im prob one of the best dotards here guys

Fuck off nazi retard scum

Call me what u want but its true

do something you fucks @Sammyboy said he’ll do shit that guy only works for south african billionairs for fuck sakes. Fix this shit

damn well better be sponsoring forrest. Make sure that guy is sending screen shots of remming namafia on dota2 banner + team name hasing ur guys’s name

p.s. stfu sammyboy you played in top tier adl. Look at me im sammyboy trying to make myself bigger than some South African billionair. Shame sammy. Shame

I suggest you guys stop wasting your time with dollarstoreDotA and pick up a big money game like marvel

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ya sure ill add it as my sponsor for as long as i can.

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fight club now has corporate sponsorship

dw i have all his information and im going to have a guy break his knees if he goes back on it

can’t wait for the Reddit thread

“sammyboy sponsored by website of mentally ill white supremacists”


I don’t know anything about DotA and kind of figured this was the premier forum for it

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it is.