NA Mafia team house

Does NA mafia want to chip in and sponsor a team house in Poland?

$7k usd is a good number


A month?

Nah 7k to buy and own. Maintenance fees are from 100-400usd a month

Sounds like a good deal. I vote in favor of NAMafia funding the KhaliWear PlasmaNation E-Sports House


Will there be T-shirts? Any sort of fashion line?


Buy and own a house or the team? Houses are 7k in Poland wtf?

We will not be sponsoring this but welcome enterprising members of the community such as YNS to make offers to you (in exchange for partial equity in your venture, otherwise you're not being fair about it)

I will be happy to help calculate a reasonable valuation for you to pass onto YNS for his stake.

I vote that ■■■ will be sponsoring it

Anything I do involving plasma and video games and money is done in the name of

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Apartment for like 20,000zl which is 5k usd

A month tho

No, total.

Look at the pics here. Its 25,000zl 1 usd = 4 zl effectively. 1000zl a month for maintenance.

Its missing a kitchen, that needs to be put in

fuck some o these places got fire wood stoves still

wait something is fucked. I think im wrong talking to polish guy again. He read the shti wrong

I think that has to be a month bro, I don’t even know if houses in Africa are that cheap rn

No i think its lease + monthly maintenance. Peoples minimum salaries are 3000zl a month. That would be impossible for anyone

what are the total costs associated with the company and what are your earnings to date and projected earnings?

if YNS is investing on behalf on NAMafia i will be providing vetting for investment opportunities and negotiations on his behalf as NAMafia never makes bad deals or investments (see NAMafia)