NADOTA Apology

if you witch hunted and lied, made up garbage about my participation in this event please apologize in this thread; you know who you are

I’m sorry

if i’m going to apologize and so is yns, we should all collectively apologize to our friend LokiMafiahahalol

and I will gladly render an actual honest apology. Only in the event that at least both nma and benny apologize to Loki in a place he can see it. Does not seem like much to ask!

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And to all the other people they have antagonized on the forum - so pretty much everybody

and i will (unsuccessfully) attempt to garner an apology out of yns as well so we can all be lovely friends again, before everyone starts doxxing each other and pulling guns out

Sorry @lokimafialolhaha

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Let’s be real here there needs to be moderator action

Apologies and flowers and rainbows are not sufficient

I did in teamspeak

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I’m sorry (again) @jones for unfairly targeting you in the blog thread yesterday. I was pretty upset with the overall situation, as well as some other things that I let spill over into here.

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Sorry for calling the swatting your house Lok

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should i ping our boy loki and try to be the “moderator” here, i think we can clean everything up today if we all act like adults


  1. leave him alone
  2. I dont think you should make so lightly of this. It doesnt just get swept under the rug

you’re right, i am trying too hard. i just don’t know what else to do in order to try to make this seem not as shitty as it is.

did nma really call the cops? that would be a real dick move

Yeah I called the bomb squad to his apartment from my egyptian Payphone


sorry I can’t tell reality from fiction any more on this forum.

It’s all fiction. The internet is not real.

He didnt callthe cops