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<22:40:48> "Osiris": thoughts on russia gaining close to no ground with it's pre spring offensive jones?

<22:40:54> "Osiris": im content mining rn

<22:41:18> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": i dotn pay attention to it anymore

<22:41:22> "Osiris": nice

<22:41:43> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": i think they havent done anything in 2 weeks or so

<22:41:45> "Osiris": yea way too much to care about being anywhere near correct

<22:41:52> "Osiris": fucking ■■■■■■

<22:42:00> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": theyll eventually get ground

<22:42:03> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": when theres no more ukrainians

<22:42:11> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": i believe thats what is happening

<22:42:38> "Osiris": ■■■■■■

<22:42:52> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": if the ukrainians were winning

<22:42:52> "Osiris": actual toprak tier

<22:42:54> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": id hear it on the news

<22:42:55> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": bruh

<22:43:16> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": doesnt even make the news cycle anymore

<22:43:20> "Osiris": i mean winning has different definitions but putins 3 day operation is pretty stalled at this point

<22:43:48> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!":

<22:44:05> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": from the 29th?

<22:44:23> "Osiris": SoMe AnAlYsTS

<22:44:30> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": anyone with a brain

<22:44:33> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": there's no more troops left in ukraine

<22:44:37> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": they're all dead

<22:44:48> "Osiris": literally trying to take a worthless shithole for what? 4 months now?

<22:45:01> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": theyve been defending the worthless shithole

<22:45:03> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": for 4 months

<22:45:09> "Osiris": the last savior of white aristocracy

<22:45:17> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": you know so little

<22:45:29> "Osiris": and youre a little scrote

<22:45:33> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": you know so little

<22:45:40> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": there is so much more dpeth to me

<22:45:45> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": than you can even begin to fathom

<22:46:04> "Osiris": russia will save the white race while being the most drug addled and corrupt country on the g12

<22:46:12> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": that would be the USA

<22:46:13> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": by far

<22:46:19> "Osiris": lmao

<22:46:21> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": drug addled? thats the us lmao...

<22:46:50> "Osiris": alcoholism is seen as acceptable in the russia my dude

<22:46:57> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": obesity is seen as acceptable in the US

<22:47:01> "Osiris": lmao

<22:47:24> "Osiris": there aren't as many obese russians because they die

<22:47:36> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": make sure you crack open another beer dude

<22:47:44> "Osiris": nice

<22:47:47> "Osiris": really good retort

<22:47:57> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": <22:47:24> "Osiris": there aren't as many obese russians because they die

<22:48:23> "Osiris": i love how jone's arguments against ukraine corruption and nepotism never apply to the country invading them

<22:48:27> "Osiris": it's really entertaining

<22:48:44> "Osiris": so based

<22:48:45> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": because russia is a sovereign nation

<22:48:46> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": and ukraine isn't

<22:48:51> "Osiris": ■■■■■■

<22:48:54> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": you're comparing a complete puppet state

<22:48:56> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": that atkes orders

<22:49:00> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": from the wordl hegemon

<22:49:08> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": to the loser of the cold war

<22:49:11> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": which is actualyl sovereign

<22:49:18> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": its a proxy war

<22:49:28> "Osiris": plenty of puppet states propped up by foreign governments or investors

<22:49:29> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": the level of corruption by the Ukrainian government is immensely on antoher level

<22:49:32> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": the people who control it

<22:49:36> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": have no investment to do anything for the people

<22:49:42> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": that's just objectively true

<22:49:55> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": the US is solely supplying Ukraine to attempt to demilitarize and weaken russia

<22:49:56> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": that's it

<22:49:59> "Osiris": this is what im talking about. "ukraine is corrupt" LMAO look at russia

<22:50:05> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": you are too dumb

<22:50:08> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": to understand the categorical difference

<22:50:17> "Osiris": i forgor russia is white and white people are cool

<22:50:21> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": there is a principal agent problem

<22:50:35> "Osiris": there's a principal agent problem everywhere

<22:50:36> "Osiris": ■■■■■■

<22:50:42> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": no there's not

<22:50:45> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": you fucking mroon

<22:50:45> "Osiris": yes

<22:50:47> "Osiris": there is

<22:51:00> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": it's mind blwoing

<22:51:04> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": how dumb you are

<22:51:14> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": the US completley subsidizes the war force for the US and controls their govenrment

<22:51:20> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": and I get to reade

<22:51:24> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": "theres a principal agent problem everywhereXDDD"

<22:51:28> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": get a life

<22:51:30> "Osiris": arsenal of democracy

<22:51:33> "Osiris": clown

<22:51:36> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": moron

<22:51:57> "Osiris": yea it's not actually democracy but the fuck russia buddy club is close enough

<22:52:05> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": you are so fucking dumb

<22:52:10> "Osiris": no you

<22:52:28> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": get out of my teamspeak

<22:52:29> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": leave

<22:52:36> "Osiris": eat my asshole

<22:52:39> "Osiris": kick me

<22:52:43> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": you're a moron dude

<22:52:45> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": get out of here

<22:52:46> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": and get al ife

<22:53:15> "Osiris": play better vibe music

<22:54:21> "Osiris": this is all too soff for me rn

Field Notes - Bystanders noted this was one of Osiris's worst dota performances.


<22:34:43> "Osiris": what's the percentages of nazis and femboys in your inhouse league so far?

<22:34:56> "[nmaGane] ANTINARCISSIT": Theres 1 femgirl

<22:35:11> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": theres no nazis on 4chan

<22:35:17> "Osiris": uh huh

<22:35:18> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": its just dumb people

<22:35:21> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": everyone in the inhouse

<22:35:23> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": is just stupid

<22:35:26> "Osiris": i mean fash nazis

<22:35:48> "Osiris": like trying on an outfit

<22:36:24> "Osiris": femboys at least have principles

<22:36:33> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": get a life dude

<22:36:42> "Osiris": im gonna beat you up

<22:36:56> "■■■■■ I'm nuts!": get a life

You might think that Osiris is celebrating the regime indicting Donald Trump but the truth is he just hits the bottle like this every night.


jones slurping 'white culture' and jcrispy the drone

jones really struggling with how down bad russia (closest pure white ethnostate) is getting plowed by a 3rd world corrupt state that came into existence a century ago

this is gonna be a really good thread

my favorite part is how ukraine benefitting from REAL POLITIK is really bad but russia is the good guy. really strong position jones

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You don't even know what the words you are using mean: the entire "conflict" in Ukraine is caked in a moral call to action, to defend some amorphous ideological idea. "REALPOLITIK" apparently is to completely admonish all diplomatic and political solutions in favor of a proxy war, and note, at any point the US could have supplied Ukraine with arms suitable to win, but instead it's just slowly escalated in a manner such that the result is attrition warfare which will kill hundreds of thousands and completely destroy the entire nation of Ukraine.

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it didn't 'slowly escalate' puty and his clowns vastly overestimated their abilities (purging your military officers and replacing them with clowns will do this) and attack moving into a country is not a strategy

iraq literally had three times the military ukraine had on invasion. compare results

armored vehicles even more so

don't worry guys putin is slowly ethnically cleansing the nazis

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actually handicapped

You don't even understand what I'm saying. Get sober and use your tiny fucking brain you troglodyte.

you're deflecting

You can't even comprehend what I'm saying. You're fucking stupid.