NAMafia Artifact League!

Venmo. Have an nadota venmo created, contributors send to it, winners get sent from it

Additional info I added to the OP:

Here's the setup:

You can click on the individual Swiss things to see the rules. Each "Phase" is a new draft. You'll play against a bunch of people with each draft and then get seeded, redraft, go again. Etc.

There will be admins that can default win somebody if a person just flakes entirely. We want to err on the side of giving people more time and not defaulting anyone but you need to reach out to the admin if you're just gonna disappear for a week.

Signups will close Friday morning or somewhere around there.

DO NOT CLICK the “Leave Tournament” button when exiting the game. You can “switch” between tournaments by going back to the tournament list.

If you click this button while the tournament is ongoing you’ll get removed from the signs and we won’t be able to re-add you (unless Valve adds the feature later)

ill try and set it up next week. I like prize pools if anyone else wants to donate that would be cool and ill try and figure out some way to have you honored

the only female im donating to is a prostitute to let me slip my honey dipper into her honey pot if you understand what im getting at here (penis in vagina sex, condom on to prevent transmission of std’s and child support payments)

I want to be very cautious about prize pools/outreach the first time around

i will be paying $20 to the winner

However I would really like it if you, personally, would join

As well as all the other “I’m not sure if I have time” posters

Disable notifications from the chatroom by clicking the bell top right

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Hoping to attract a bunch of the low-posting/low-time-committal namafia posters into this - that is the intention of this type of setup

Yeah gonna do some phantom drafts in the coming week and then I will try and build a deck for this

Or do u guys duel drafts idk

Yes dueling drafts

Practice Phantom Draft

Join the link now so have a space in the league

I’m d

I will donate 20 bucks to the prize pool if we get 16+ players.

Can I not join via mobile or somethinf

I was able to

I get login error
I’ll do it on my cpu when I finish eating

Your CPU?

His Tower.

Don’t mind me - just booting up the Battlestation to play some Artifact.