NAMafia Artifact League!

Welcome to NAMafia's First Official IXDL-style Artifact League!

---Join Now---

How it works: You sign up for the thing and get matched into games. You can play those games any time you are available to play (we'll give it like a week timeframe for people to find a time that works) and build a record as you progress through the bracket.

It will be a Swiss-style Draft bracket with periodic resets. If you're losing, you aren't eliminated. If you draft a shit deck, you get another chance.

It will conclude with a traditional draft bracket.

Think of this as a version of our nightly NAMafia Artifact Tournaments which is more flexible to everyone's schedules.

The league will last a month or two and then we'll declare a winner.

Additional boring administrivia

Here's the setup:

You can click on the individual Swiss things to see the rules. Each "Phase" is a new draft. You'll play against a bunch of people with each draft and then get seeded, redraft, go again. Etc.

There will be admins that can default win somebody if a person just flakes entirely. We want to err on the side of giving people more time and not defaulting anyone but you need to reach out to the admin if you're just gonna disappear for a week.

Signups will close Friday morning or somewhere around there.

I’m inviting my roommate to play this. He doesn’t know how to draft yet (big Hearthstone player, but saw me playing Artifact and got it)

will be posting this link to my artifact related friends

How many and are they fun to play with

only three or four play artifact

but if it gains traction in the group i reckon i could get another 10 or so

imagine my style of posting but mellowed out

Invited my roommates image


You know what - the tournament has space for 128 people. The more the merrier. Invite your roommates, friends, whoever. If they flake we can always default loss them

Are girls allowed to join…

unfortunately, yes


i said it first

I want to be personally responsible for paying them the prize money

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ill throw $20 of packs towards teh grand prize


ok heres the current prize pool

wait how do we even give out an artifact prize pool


Donate them to twitch female streamers, I’ll handle it