NAMafia Banger House Party - Day 4

He partied the hardest, but I guess someone wasn't fond of it. Or maybe even a little jealous?

Oh, you fucking troll! Someone shouted when Sdadasdas the villager was discovered face down, dead.


or this one I can't decide


or this one


List of Players alive

EOD Tomorrow Saturday 10PM or when majority is reached (unless ya'll vote on extension)


@mafiabot startday 6164

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

electrowizard, SCSF, sdadasdas, osiris, SuPA,

Alive Players - 5

Majority Vote - 3


Day starts at 9PM, well in 2 minutes from now. Go get 'em!

bazinga got killed over sdad in the bot

Sdad dead, bazinga alive

I'm in a dota game rn but fuck you scsf

@mafiabot vote scsf

I tracked scsf and he/she visited sdad. Boom y’all. Finally tracked someone relevant.

@mafiabot vote scsf

alright mafia has to be supa

and because dienda is trying to tracker him he is his partner

tracker clear

who is the mimic? or did he use his power?

I claimed tracker on day 1 - visited Osiris and said no visit. Osiris was vt. No CC. No CC yesterday and tracked supa- no visit. Now I track you and you visited sdas and he gone.

We gottem y’all unless scum can someone argue I’ve been big brain savant since day 1 on my first forum game ever.

Tracking SCSF was useless if you tracked me before....

I don’t know why that would be the case so if you can explain for me that’d be great. I tracked someone who visit the dead person. If that doesn’t help at all then I take back my brag. Carry on.

I mean I’m sure what you’re saying makes sense but I legit don’t know why. Maybe explain to me after game. Apparently I’m already incredible at this game but I’m always down to learn more.

Because with Osiris and Nyte dead there is only 1 VT left. If you already saw that I did no action N2, then it leaves SCSF regardless.

Anyways, I will write a short writeup why I went for nyte hard, just so there is an understanding from town side

Oh damn. That makes perfect sense.

This was one of the most sus posts from her, they are a few posts apart, with LBJ, Osiris, SCSF nor myself making any posts. Felt super flimsy and something i'm not used from her playstyle. Also had to chose between her and SCSF, and she just seemed way more sus.