Namafia Best Posts. Discourse Edition

Thought this was kinda fun. Discourse lets you look at somebody's page and see their "Top Replies" (most "Liked" posts) of all time. Some of these are pretty good

For example:

Here I go to ■■■'s profile and click here:

I see it is this post, which still makes me laugh every time I see it:

So I bring it and post it here.


Thread Rules:

  1. You must un-private your profile to participate in the thread.

Preferences -> Interface -> Uncheck "Hide my public profile" -> Save Changes

  1. You may not post your own "Best Posts," only somebody else's

  2. You can bring a post from The Lounge but exercise judgment. If people feel the thread is getting too Lounge-y it will have to be moved into Lounge but I prefer it remains public

  3. Try to find and share the best posts that have been made on NAMafia!

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Sorry I didn't read the rules first.


look at that panda man


Who is this?





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The best is yet to come. Do not count your chickens before they hatch.

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This was my mafia universe profile, I’ll take credit for it

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Unfortunate they literally griefed me out of that game

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lmao how did I not see this

reminds me of people on reddit who won’t say what country they’re from so they “don’t get hacked”

that was supposed to be in another thread when I commented on the name ■■■ being banned

@VietnamTom ?