Namafia Best Posts. Discourse Edition

We'll have outlived the old one soon


didnt nadota last like 8 years

Loki's infiltration of our forums was a great moment.

Reposted it here a few years back

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wow that thread is a blast from the past

fudge i remembered casey exists and now im sad hes not popping in anymore

Definitely the peak of intra-forum global mafia gameplay.

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7 i thought? and we'll be 5 this summer. just another 2 years if we can make it!

Perhaps the goys will succeed in killing the forum this time around. Find out later this year, on

hell yeah

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casey the dippin dynamo

the goated glock owner


A true classic NAdota moment


my best post was the drawing of yns

This whole incident was voted 2019 Top Event in the annual teamspeak survey.

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how do you feel about what happened to loki?