Namafia dota night?

Any interest in running some games?

The goys play almost every night.

idk about every night, but they definitely get to some ih'ing on the weekends and then some other nights might be doing the thing


@dotabot sign

confirmed dota players
@von (his computer sort of runs dota)

possible dota players

y'all don't wanna play with me. I'm the worst

you got it all wrong if you think anyone of us is good

I’ll pick veno

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Freshly ranked crusader 5 reporting in lol. Ngl games are ass and fun in this rank. Had 85 minute game the other night cause my carries sucked

dota allstars or dota 2?

Dota 2* I didnt realize people still play OG dota


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im down pos 5

dazzle heading dire top

tomorrow midday?

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IH or mm stack style?

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The inhouse has fallen, it is now dead