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have not seen it, love that actor. noted, thanks, wasnt aware of it

my new favourite quote is “when an auteur goes through a divorce you know you’re going to get one of the films of all time”

Chalamet really was the perfect choice to play Paul Atreides, kid is a better actor than he gets credit for. And my god does he fit the book description PERFECTLY, holy fuck

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He was good in the king even if the movie was kind of lame being a direct adaptation of the shakespeare script


I enjoyed that movie. I really liked the ultra wide shots after the army arrives in France of the skyline and surrounding area/some nice sunsets and sunrises. Gorgerous. The dude who played his buddy was great too.

Yeah the king was good

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thought about this film a bit when I was lost innawoods

underrated film

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neil breen is a god

Northman was super boring and pointless, I dont know why everybody talked about this like it was a must-see film

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The whale was a good movie and everyone kills it but I didn't enjoy watching it very much


Sorry to say I cannot recommend "The Banshees of Inisherin"

thats pretty much why i havent seen it yet, i feel i'll react the same way lol

What didn't you like about it?

Same what ■■■ said

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In Bruges had a kind of absurdist humor & charm, 3 Billboards a humanizing and strangely warm final note. Or maybe it was just that these had a very concrete antagonist (or at least a sense of fighting an antagonist) that lends a sort of sharpness to all the other elements of the film. Whatever was missing here, without it the work comes away feeling somewhat dreary and pointless.

It's a hard balance to strike and really comes down to a feeling. How do you feel after watching the film. To be honest I'm surprised Marty McDonaugh got it right so many times before this


Is the new last of us show good? i've heard good things and i enjoy pp big time. he was really good in prospect

i never played the game but i watched a friendo play a lot of it