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I would be down for TTS night. Only need like 4 people for a bunch of stuff

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Funknown fact - Kathryn Bigelow is the listed Director of Point Break.

The truth - James Cameron largely directed most of the movie as a wedding gift to this then wife Kathryn Bigelow.

How to tell? Watch Point Break then watch Hurt Locker and tell me they're the same caliber of movies.

misogynist twitterdrone crap

She's not a savant but she's not a bad director either.

Correct, but there is a very stark difference between her other movies and Point Break aesthetic.

yeah maybe its the like 18 years between the two

the point break era movies fit that aesthetic. im pretty sure there were a lot of movies around hurt locker time that were similar "aesthetically" too

james cameron himself debunked that misogynist stuff too. it's 2022 you still reading fake news?

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there's a new the terror?

oh shit oh fuck its a new season in that setting/with those characters? that season was fucking perfection

well almost

i just found this im late

some of my favorite bri ish actors

oh yeah. ceasar from rome, comrade whats his name from chernobyl. its fucking fantastic. i wont spoil it for you

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one day namafia will embrace dread hunger



@insom youve probably seen this already. normally i dont enjoy movies overladen with metaphors but ive always liked this one