NAMafia Investment Thread

this is the thread.

i don’t know anything about investing, somebody else go first.

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invest in wongs

Why u asking agubar about investing

he posted a thing that indicated he knows something about it

if you know things pls feel free to share

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invest some in gold if ur na

401k Roth dump the rest into [insert company] index is all I know

if u want to make money play options if u want to generate wealth find companies that you believe adoption of their product will go up over time for a long period of time and invest in them and a few other companies of the same caliber and just wait a while

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43% increase in value per share for 1 year is very good for a company as large as amazon who is very stable and is always growing basically

yeah wish i was smart enough to realize telling my parents splitting it mostly between amazon google and lockheed 10 years ago was the play

while only a 20% increase in share price over the year, microsoft is a mega safe company so their lowered return is expected

hm lockheeds stagnated

a stock pretty much anyone with even so much as a fingertip on the pulse of the social concious could tell you would end up falling, facebook is something that loses favor and userbase day after day after day, it is a stock with a negative or stagnating adoption slope, making it a poor long term hold unless the company’s fundamentals change

Btw if you haven’t somehow noticed these are tech stocks and their volatility is increased due to tech being a volatile sector, lockheed martin seems to stagnate but thats because lockheed martin is a company whose growth is slower and mroe drawn out due to the nature of the sector

even if the stock stagnated in the past year, thats because the market shit itself in october wiping out nearly all of the gains made all year, lockheed still has a nice trackrecord over the last 5 years considering its in a slow field

an example of a gambling mans stock, tilray is a company new to nasdaq which dabbles in a freshly legalized field(cannabis), this stock is a gamble because the sector is so new, hype has inflated this stocks value but if we do more research we see that tilray has about a $9 million quarterly revenue with a $12 million dollar loss with equates to $-3 million profit. The question with these stocks is are their fundamentals, leader, and market advantage strong enough that they will take control over the sector. If you think they do and it comes true you will retire a wealthy man getting most likely a 10x-100x ROI


oh god please don’t bring up that shit

apparently tilrays earnings came out today, it seems their revenue is going up but their costs are going up faster than their revenue, i dont expect this company to succeed in the long term but it is a gambling stock after all