NaMafia Official Artifact Tournament (12/2 - 8:00PM)

You want to prove you’re smarter than your fellow Namafia posters, but lack a way to do so other than rigorously throwing shit at each other? Then, look no further - and outwit your fellow posters in the NaMafia Official Artifact Tournament. Everyone that hasn’t bought the game yet will have ample time to prepare, as the games aren’t starting before Sunday evening.


8:00 PM EST Sunday (12/2)


Call To Arms Draft


1. Custom Artifact Tournament Winner NaMafia Site Badge

Join here! (Updated link)

you know your avatar makes you look like a dubm fucking fag

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Maybe he’s really into I Spy

I think it’s a very good avatar. People subconsciously interpret posts differently depending on the facial expression of the person in the avatar. By having an avatar with a covered up face, my posts are completely neutral and are interpreted without any bias.

dude if your avatar had an uncoovered face it’d literally be 3x3 pixels

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Jones has a really nice avatar so he basically has to be right

click on a2pas avatar

navigate to this


This post has harmed the forum.

That’s a good site I’m not finished with it


Anyone else celebrate Black Friday with a big plate of greens

Your avatar is an archangel Looking Down (giving off an arrogant/smug vibe to your posts)

what’s the vibe my avatar imparts


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Leonard, the namafia lawyer, is recommending you strike our good name from the event unless you pay us


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fuck you


You must own a copy of Artifact to accept a tournament invite.